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A jumbo loan is a higher dollar mortgage that is typically used to purchase luxury homes or large purchase single family houses. Declared by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, conforming loan limits for Jumbo loans vary depending on the location within a state, with higher limits in areas where housing prices are typically higher. These standards are set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two government-backed agencies.

In most parts of Florida, the limit is $647,200; however, in some counties like Monroe County (which includes Key West), the limit is higher and stands at $710,700. In other words – if your loan amount is at least $1 over these amounts – it will be classified as a Jumbo loan in Florida. If it’s under, you could try another type of loan such as a conventional loan, FHA loan or VA loan.

Jumbo loans typically carry a slightly higher interest rate than conforming loans, ranging from 0.25% to 0.50%, depending on credit and loan-to-value. Down payment requirements also differ between jumbo loans and conforming loans; in general, jumbo loans require a higher down payment. 

Qualifying for a jumbo loan in Florida is similar to qualifying for a conventional loan – but with a couple of more documents and requirements to adhere to. 

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Jumbo Loan Requirements At a Glance

Credit Score

640 minimum

Down Payment

5% Minimum*

DTI Ratio

50% Max

Monthly PMI

None with 20% Down

Mortgage Insurance

Not Required

* Down Payment Requirement is typically 10%-30% of the purchase price, depending on the loan amount

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