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A conventional mortgage is a type of loan that is not backed by a government agency for repayment and therefore requires better credit from its borrower (minimum 620). 

As a result, it is often considered by lenders to be riskier than government backed loans (such as those from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) and typically has a higher down payment requirement and higher interest rates when compared to government backed loans (i.e. FHA Loans, VA Loans and USDA Loans.

In today’s ultra-competitive world of real estate buying, home sellers lean towards accepting confirming loans from “conventional buyers” over “FHA or VA buyers”. This is because the requirements of a conventional loan suggest that the buyer has a higher credit score and more disposable funds available for the home purchase.

The minimum credit score for a conventional loan in Florida is 620, with most lenders requiring at least 5% of the purchase price down – and 10-20% down to avoid paying for private mortgage insurance. 

There are also a variety of conventional loan programs such as First Time Home Buyer programs and Jumbo Loan programs that have differing requirements than a standard conventional loan.

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Conventional Loan Requirements At a Glance

Credit Score

620 minimum

Down Payment

5% Minimum*

DTI Ratio

50% Max

Monthly PMI

$0 with 10.1% Down**

Mortgage Insurance

Not Required

* Down Payment Requirement Can be 3% in some scenarios for First Time Homebuyers

** $0 PMI Payment with less than 20% down payment limited to select scenarios and mortgage lenders

Conventional Loans | Program Summary

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